How do I set up or change my monthly contributions?

We need to receive the instruction to amend the direct debit 10 working days prior to your regular collection date, which is the first working day of the month. If the instruction is received less than 10 days to the collection date, the existing monthly contribution will be collected, and your new instruction will take effect the following month. 

Once you've logged in:

  • Click View Account on the account you wish to set up or make a change to an existing monthly contribution
  • Click actions (top right hand of screen)
  • Select Monthly Contributions
  • Enter the amount (£) you want to top up any existing investment(s) and/or click to add another investment
  • Tick the box to confirm that you've read the Key Information Documents (KIID) for each investment and click Next
  • Enter your bank details or check these are correct, tick to indicate your agreement to the Declaration and click Submit to confirm